18 March 2013

Welcome to my photography portfolio.

Please click on any images you wish to enlarge further, and do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions. I hope you enjoy my work.

Red and White

A series of work about place, and colour, centred on stress and anxiety and how they are dealt with physically and psychologically. Images are small scale constructions using paper and card. Images were intended to be viewed as floor to ceiling projections in a dimly lit room for maximum impact.

Thinking Space (white)                                                                                                                             
Exploring the psychological state (automatism) induced by high physical or emotional stress. In familiar situations, sensory information is not retained by the short term memory in order to process the stressful stimuli. The result: a state of auto-pilot. I present this using minimalised familiar spaces and white.
Models measure 50cm3

Anxious Places (red)                                                                                                                                   More specifically, Anxious Places explores anxiety. The series depicts common uncomfortable spaces, incorporating ideas of claustrophobia, fear of the unknown, and the eleventh hour. Red is documented to induce physical reactions including heightened heart beat, blood pressure, perspiration and adrenalin production. These are also the symptoms of anxiety. Red therefore creates an unease similar to that of the space itself. Models measure 65cm3

The Listening Room, After Rene Magritte: real apple displayed in a paper room created with false perspective to enhance the surreal nature of the composition.

Beach Huts : A collaborative project created from 5 large format negatives taken of the same beach hut set construction. Each scene has been restyled to enhance its occupant's character, and each character has been carefully positioned so that he/she interacts with their neighbour. The negatives were then stitched digitally on Photoshop to create this panoramic.

Below are elements of a photo-story based on the tale of Icarus from Greek mythology.

above: 'A Leap of Faith' 

above: digital stitch with scanned feathers.

above: 'The Melting Point of Wax' negative assembly. large negative made from glueing and layering sections of 64 different negatives together

above: scan art, 'The Fallen'

above: 'Nothing but Feathers and Wax' wing made using sticks, turkey feathers, thread and wax.

above: Negative assembly made with 64 35mm negatives, and 24 medium format negatives. comprised of photographs of a model, the sky and wings drawn by myself.

left: colour version can be found on the cover of the novel 'Convict Grade'. Colour added in Photoshop.

Musician photo shoots
top: My Deprivation, for CD inlay 'Hard times, cold lives, we're tied' 
middle and bottom: VANADIUM, for promotional materials in preparation 
for their album release and tour.

Behind the scenes at the making of 'Last Man Standing' a music video for 
Zoltar Speaks.

 above: behind the cameras. Below: the characters, makeup for the video was done by myself.

below: Zoltar Speaks during filming.

Above and left:

Part of a project based on adolescence and the associated conflicting emotions.


Portrait of Rachael Brown.

Various concerts.

Photo documentary about war games

After Gergia O'Keefe

Study in white

Part of a macro study of mold on fruit
above: melon. below: banana 

A Dark Rose