18 March 2013

Below are elements of a photo-story based on the tale of Icarus from Greek mythology.

above: 'A Leap of Faith' 

above: digital stitch with scanned feathers.

above: 'The Melting Point of Wax' negative assembly. large negative made from glueing and layering sections of 64 different negatives together

above: scan art, 'The Fallen'

above: 'Nothing but Feathers and Wax' wing made using sticks, turkey feathers, thread and wax.

above: Negative assembly made with 64 35mm negatives, and 24 medium format negatives. comprised of photographs of a model, the sky and wings drawn by myself.

left: colour version can be found on the cover of the novel 'Convict Grade'. Colour added in Photoshop.