18 March 2013

Red and White

A series of work about place, and colour, centred on stress and anxiety and how they are dealt with physically and psychologically. Images are small scale constructions using paper and card. Images were intended to be viewed as floor to ceiling projections in a dimly lit room for maximum impact.

Thinking Space (white)                                                                                                                             
Exploring the psychological state (automatism) induced by high physical or emotional stress. In familiar situations, sensory information is not retained by the short term memory in order to process the stressful stimuli. The result: a state of auto-pilot. I present this using minimalised familiar spaces and white.
Models measure 50cm3

Anxious Places (red)                                                                                                                                   More specifically, Anxious Places explores anxiety. The series depicts common uncomfortable spaces, incorporating ideas of claustrophobia, fear of the unknown, and the eleventh hour. Red is documented to induce physical reactions including heightened heart beat, blood pressure, perspiration and adrenalin production. These are also the symptoms of anxiety. Red therefore creates an unease similar to that of the space itself. Models measure 65cm3